How do I pass the real estate exam in Delaware?

What score do you need to pass the Delaware real estate exam?

The Delaware Real Estate Exam consists of 120 questions. This includes 80 for the General section and 40 for the State section. You will have 240 minutes (4 hours) to complete the entire exam. A passing score for the Delaware Real Estate Salesperson Exam is 56/80 on the National section and 28/40 on the State section.

How many attempts does a Delaware applicant have to pass the salesperson exam?

Candidates have three attempts to retake one or both portions of the exam and can schedule a new exam date within 24 hours. If you don’t pass both portions within a year, you’ll be required to retake the prelicensing course.

Which state has the hardest real estate exam?

Colorado is regarded as the hardest state since agents need to cover 160 hours of education, pass two tests, pass a background check, and be fingerprinted. In contrast, most other states require less than 100 education hours, with the majority falling with the 40-hour requirement.

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How many questions is the Delaware real estate exam?

The national portion of the Delaware Real Estate salesperson exam is comprised of 80 questions. In order to pass the exam, an examinee must answer 56 out of the 80 questions correctly (70% correct).

How long is the Delaware real estate exam?

You need to pass both with a score of 70% or better and submit the Pass Report to DREC in order to obtain your license. The licensing exam takes 2 to 3 hours to complete and you will know immediately if you have passed or failed.

How much is the Delaware real estate exam?

The fixed costs involved in obtaining a Delaware Salesperson real estate license include the following: $25 Guaranty Fund fee payable to the State of Delaware. $69 examination fee. $131 application fee.

Can you get a real estate license with a felony in Delaware?

Pass a state licensing examination. Not have been convicted of a felony or a crime of moral turpitude. Not have violated any civil rights laws regarding real estate within the past two years as determined by a Court of law or violated any rules of the Delaware Division of Real Estate.

What states have real estate reciprocity with Delaware?

Holders of a Delaware real estate license can obtain a new real estate license via a reciprocity agreement with the following states:

  • Alabama.
  • Alaska.
  • Colorado.
  • Georgia.
  • Kansas.
  • Kentucky.
  • Maine.
  • Mississippi.

Is the real estate test multiple choice?

The California real estate license exam is made up of 150 multiple-choice questions to be completed over three hours at an in-person testing center. To pass the exam, you need to score 70% or higher.

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What is Delpros?

The new system, known as Delaware Professional Regulation Online Service (DELPROS), simplifies and automates professional licensing services in the State of Delaware. You are required to create a user account and log-in before you can complete an application, make a payment, or apply for other services.

Who appoints members to the Delaware Real Estate Commission?

Terms in this set (14) 9 members appointed by the Governor – 5 real estate professionals, 4 members from the public at large. All members must have resided in Delaware for 5 years or longer directly prior to their appointment.