What does temp status mean in real estate?

Temp status means a property is not to be shown, but it remains under a listing agreement. Days in a property remains in Temp status will not count toward Listing Market Time, but will continue to count in calculations of Total Market Time.

What does status temp mean on MLS?

Temp Off Market – Temporarily unavailable to be shown but expected to be active in the near future. Temp Off Market listings do expire upon their listing expiration date. Withdrawn- Shall mean the status of a listed property that is temporarily taken off the market.

What does status mean in real estate?

In real estate, listing status (or property status) refers to the situation of a property that was for sale, or is currently for sale.

Why would a listing be temporarily off the market?

A listing may be taken temporarily off market for a variety of reasons. For instance, the seller may be taking a vacation and unable to consider new offers while away. Or the seller may be renovating or making repairs to the property.

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What does temporarily off the market mean in real estate?

Temporarily Off Market is a status of a real estate listing that indicates that the home is temporarily unavailable for showings and offers. Listings are taken temporarily off market for a number of reasons. … A home that is temporarily off market is still listed with a real estate agent.

Can you take your house off the market after accepting an offer?

Can you back out of an accepted offer? The short answer: yes. When you sign a purchase agreement for real estate, you’re legally bound to the contract terms, and you’ll give the seller an upfront deposit called earnest money.

What does CSL mean in real estate?


Acronym Definition
CSL Canada Safeway Limited (real estate)
CSL Combat Stores List (US DoD)
CSL Customer Service Level
CSL Control Systems Laboratory

Do pending offers fall through?

A sale that is “under contract” means an agreement has been made between the seller and buyer, but the sale is still subject to contingencies. In a “pending sale,” contingencies have lapsed, and the deal is near closing. A pending sale can still fall through if there’s an issue with financing or the home inspection.

Why would a seller accept backup offers?

A seller may accept backup offers so if the current buyer walks there is another purchaser ready to close the deal. By collecting backup offers, the seller avoids having to remarket the listing, show the home again or sift through numerous new offers, because backup buyers eagerly await the home on the sidelines.

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What’s the difference between pending and under contract?

UNDER CONTRACT – indicates a property where an offer has been written and accepted by both parties. … Many things can go awry during the under contract period and a fair number of homes will come back on the market. PENDING – means that all of the above have been satisfied.

What does hold mean Redfin?

The Hold status in Matrix allows you to temporarily remove your listing from an “Active” status, without having to cancel it.

Why does my Zillow listing say off market?

If you’re using a home-browsing website like Zillow or Realtor.com, you may have seen a house labeled off market: this means that, based on the platform’s available data, the home is not currently for sale.

What does Redfin off market mean?

According to the information available to Redfin, the properties we’ve identified as “Off Market” are not for sale. … Owners of off market properties who are interested in selling may contact Redfin to request a free Market Analysis or schedule a selling consultation.

What does temporarily off market mean streeteasy?

It means they aren’t willing to sell at the price it would take to get a bid today, so they are taking it off the market to wait until the market gets better and they can get a bid that reflects what the apartment is “worth”.

What is a Tom fee?

What is a Tom Fee? TOM stands for Time Off Market, and it’s a fee, somewhat like earnest money, but a whole lot different, that a buyer may elect to offer when they make an offer on a property.

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What does temporarily withdrawn mean on MLS?

I’ll first explain that a “temporary withdrawal” of a property listing is when listing agreement is still in place with the listing agent, but the property is removed from all active marketing for a period of time with the expectation that the listing will become active again in the near future.