What is occupancy factor 2 in property tax?

How do you find the age factor of a property?

Age Factor: The age factor calculation is based on the period of construction of the building. For instance, if your house was constructed after April 1, 2000, the age factor is 1. If the building was constructed anytime between the financial year 1990-1991 and the financial year 1999-2000, the age factor is 0.9.

What is MCD Upic?

UPIC (Unique Property Identification Code) is necessary to register the property and pay Tax.

How do I find my Upic number?

How to search UPIC no for your Property?

  1. First of all, search on Google EDMC linked website www.edmcupic.in.
  2. After reaching on the website just then click on a link- click here for the list of UPICNo running on the screen.
  3. After that, select your zone> ward> then the area.

What is occupancy factor in property tax?

Occupancy factor means whether the property is self-occupied or rented. The flat factor varies based on the total covered area of flats.

How many digits are in a Upic number?

A UPIC card contains details of property owners. The first three digits of the card will denote ward number, next four digits will denote colony number and the remaining digits will specify the respective properties. The objective of the UPIC project is to widen property tax base in EDMC jurisdiction, officials said.

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When was Upic started?

In 2010, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) had proposed a Unique Property Identification Code (UPIC).

Where can I find property reference ID in Upic Delhi?

How to find property ID number in Delhi?

  1. In the upper scrolling you will see an option stating ‘Click here for the list of UPIC Number assigned for 53 wards’
  2. You will be redirected to a new page, select the ‘By Colony’ option.
  3. Select the zone, ward, colony from the dropdown menu.

How can I check my property ID in Faridabad?

✅How can I know my property ID in Faridabad? The property ID number is mentioned on the tax receipts of payments of the previous year. You can also find details about your property Id by visiting the official website of MCF by clicking on http://mcfaridabad.org/.

What is DCR number?

What is DCR number? DCR is Demand Collection Register number.

What is annual value of house property?

The annual value of a property is the sum for which a property is reasonably expected to be let from year to year. Hence, the annual value of a property is the amount of notional rent which could have been derived, had the property been let.