Who is responsible for fire risk assessment commercial property?

You’ll need to co-ordinate your fire safety plans to make sure people on or around the premises are safe. So, in the circumstances where the whole of the building is let to one occupier the obligation to carry out a fire risk assessment is the responsibility of your tenant.

Is a commercial landlord responsible for a fire risk assessment?

Commercial tenants will usually be responsible for the fire safety etc. … Therefore, a responsible commercial landlord, through your fire risk assessment, should always ensure that the fire precautions in these communal areas are adequate for the safety of their employees.

Who is responsible to carry out fire risk assessments?

An owner of the company is responsible for completing a fire risk assessment, too. Others who are responsible include landlords, as well as an occupier. If a person has control of the premise, then they are the ones responsible for carrying out an assessment.

Do you need a fire risk assessment to sell a commercial property?

Yes. Whether it’s building from scratch, or carrying out extensions or alterations on an existing building, you must comply with building regulations and include a fire safety plan that incorporates the proposed building or extension.

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What are the responsibilities of a commercial landlord?

What is a landlord responsible for in a commercial lease?

  • General upkeep and maintenance.
  • Making repairs when necessary.
  • Gas safety – including ensuring there is an annual inspection, the Gas Safety Certificate is obtained and a copy given to the tenant.

How do you carry out a fire risk assessment?

How to do a Fire Risk Assessment

  1. Identify the fire hazards.
  2. Identify people at risk.
  3. Evaluate, remove or reduce the risks.
  4. Record your findings, prepare an emergency plan and provide training.
  5. Review and update the fire risk assessment regularly.

Do I need a fire risk assessment with less than 5 employees?

At the most basic level, it is a review taken of a building to assess it for fire risk, and to provide recommendations to make it safer if need be. A Fire Risk Assessment does not have to be written down if there are fewer than 5 regular occupants in a building, so it is not necessarily a document.

Who is responsible for using a fire extinguisher?

Every employer, owner or occupier of a business premises is accountable for fire safety and fire protection. To comply with fire safety legislation, it is a legal requirement to have an ‘appropriate person’ who is trained to carry out fire safety measures.

Can I do a fire risk assessment myself?

In simple terms yes, there is no reason why you cannot complete your own fire safety risk assessment. … The Fire Safety Risk Assessment must be completed by a “Competent Person”. Therefore you must have the necessary knowledge, skills and experience. The Fire Safety Risk Assessment must also be “Suitable and Sufficient”.

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How much does a fire risk assessment Cost UK?

When requesting quotations for a fire risk assessment, you will find that you will be quoted anything between £200 and £900 for a low-level priced premises. A lone fire risk assessor can be cheaper and will charge between £150 and £200.

Who is responsible for commercial building insurance landlord or tenant?

It’s your landlord’s responsibility to organise buildings insurance. There’s no legal requirement for buildings insurance, although it’s a good idea for landlords to have it in place to protect not only their tenants but also their investment.