How do you abbreviate realtor?

REALTOR®: Real estate professional who is member of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® and subscribes to its strict Code of Ethics, which is based on professionalism and protection of the public. REBAC (Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Council): Large association focused specifically on representing the real estate buyer.

What is the abbreviation for realtor?

Real Estate Acronyms – Alphabet Soup

ABR Accredited Buyer Representative, a certification of NAR for buyer representation
REALTOR A trademarked term denoting membership in the National Association of REALTORS®; not a generic term
REBAC Real Estate Buyer Agent Council, an affiliate of NAR that maintains the ABR designation

What is the abbreviation for agent?

There are two common abbreviations of agency: agcy. and agy. If you want to make either of these plural, add on an “ ‘s. ”

Is there a word realtor?

REALTOR® is a collective membership mark owned by the National Association and licensed to each member of the Association to use when identifying themselves as members. … It should never be used to describe someone as a real estate agent or broker or in referring to people in the real estate business generally.

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What does uvac stand for?


Acronym Definition
UVAC Universal Validated Account Code
UVAC University Vocational Awards Council (UK)
UVAC University Volunteer Ambulance Corps
UVAC University Visual Arts Committee (est. 1958; Purdue University; West Lafayette, IN)

What does LA mean in real estate?

La – living area. Lr – living room. MLS – Multiple Listing Service; database of real estate for sale.

What is an AOE in real estate?

Essentially, an assessment of effect (AOE) is a close look at the historic property in the context of the proposed undertaking to see what changes the undertaking may have on the property and involves consultation with the appropriate review agency or agencies.

What is the synonym of agent?

representative, negotiator, business manager, emissary, envoy, factor, go-between, proxy, surrogate, trustee, liaison, broker, delegate, spokesperson, spokesman, spokeswoman, frontman, mouthpiece. informal rep. 2’a travel agent’

What does the abbreviation AGT mean?


Acronym Definition
AGT America’s Got Talent (TV show)
AGT Angiotensinogen
AGT Algebraic and Geometric Topology
AGT Alanine-Glyoxylate Amniotransferase (enzymology)

What is short for objective?

OBJ. (redirected from objective)

Is Realtor two syllables or three?

‘Realtor’ is two syllables, not three. It’s pronounced real-ter.

How do you type the Realtor symbol?


To get the trademark ® symbol on your computer, use Alt+0174 on PCs, Option+R on Macs, or type “(r)” and hit Enter.

How do you spell real Realtor?

Trademark. a person who works in the real-estate business and is a member of the National Association of Real Estate Boards, or one of its constituent boards, and abides by its Code of Ethics.

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